About Lunaleo (aka Heidi Lang)

Hi! My name is Heidi Lang, but I thought Lunaleo’s blog sounded more interesting than “Heidi’s blog.”  Why “lunaleo” you ask? Well, I needed a nanowrimo name several years back, and I couldn’t think of anything original, so I decided to combine the names of my pet ferrets.  They are sadly no longer with me, but their names live on every November, and now in this blog.  Eventually I’ll post a picture of them here, so if you’re reading this line, then obviously that hasn’t happened yet.  But it will.  Really.

As far as writing goes, I’ve written about a dozen short stories, mostly dealing with issues like insanity, bad relationships, and the realization that you are actually in hell.  You know, the fun stuff.  I haven’t really tried to get any of these published, but as soon as I develop some guts, I’m sure I’ll start sending them out.

Meanwhile, I’ve also finished a YA Fantasy novel (and by finished I mean it’s been edited and revised and edited to within an inch of its life), and I have managed to send that puppy out.  As of this moment I am at six rejection letters and counting.  The basic storyline is this:

a fourteen-year-old girl visits her grandfather for the summer, who locks her in a cage with the god of death, who gives her a choice: help a prince from another world regain his throne or be a slave forever.  Along the way she starts to develop her own magic, which begins slowly driving her crazy, so I can explore the same themes from my short stories: insanity, bad relationships, and, well, you get the drill.

I started this blog as a way to help get a closer look at the writing craft as well as a way to document the twisted, treacherous path that is the road to publication.  I hope you enjoy reading it, and happy writing!

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